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Sunrise, Sunset

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Today was scheduled as an RV volunteer work day.  It’s not like we don’t work other days, but today most of us met in the morning to work together at headquarters.  The task?  Weeding all the beds surrounding headquarters and the new Visitor’s Center.

64 Anahuac NWR 201115

There were seven of us that took on this assignment, and I must admit that some of us didn’t find this to be our favorite way to spend a morning.  But with seven sets of hands working away, we were able to get everything done in two hours.  I’ll tell you that two hours of being bent over was my limit for my recovering back.  By the time we finished, I felt like the crooked man with the crooked back.  Confused smile

An hour or so before sunset, Emma and I headed over to the Skillern Tract to see what we could see.  Emma was more than happy to go for a little hike.


The marsh and roosting area were very busy.  The cormorants began arriving and filling the trees for the night.  The grunting that they do reminded me of being near a huge pigpen. 


While we were on the observation deck, a vermillion flycatcher flew over head.  I was thrilled to see this colorful little guy.


                      Not far away was a female American kestrel looking for a snack before bedtime.


As we headed back to the car, I watched one more cormorant heading for a roosting spot.  Must be time to go home.

I got a call late this afternoon from Alternative Resources in South Dakota.  They are my mail service, and they were wondering if they could open a package I had received to condense it down with my other mail to avoid having to send two mail packages and save me some money.  I gave them permission to do that and then asked if there was a letter there from Samsung.  There was, so I asked them to open it for me to let me know if the full refund check for the defunct refrigerator was inside.  I’ve been waiting since the middle of October to see if they were truly going to refund the full purchase price after all the hoops I jumped through.  Yahoo!  I’m happy to report that they did!

Well, I’m off to the community building this evening to bake 24 cupcakes for the hunter Chile Day on Saturday, and to pluck wild rice for the refuge.  (I’ll explain both of those things in a later post.)  Stay tuned.


                                                                                   THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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