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A girls’ day at the beach

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Diana, Emma, and I headed out this morning for a girls’ day at the beach on Dauphin Island, Alabama.  It was about an hours drive away.  I’ve never been much of a beach person (picture an alewife die off on the shores of Lake Michigan when I was growing up in Chicago).  I believe Diana has always been a beach person. 


What a pleasant surprise it was for me to arrive at this mostly vacant white sand beach for the afternoon!  The water wasn’t brown, and the waves provided a lovely sound backdrop.


As I went about setting up my chair under the beach umbrella that Diana had brought, she took Emma on a little romp in the sand.  I had told her that the last time I took Emma near any sand, she was a lunatic and nearly pulled my arm out of its socket.  Thank goodness she’s calmed down some.  Emma was happy until…


Diana tried to coax her into the water.  Emma has always hated getting wet and even avoids small puddles that might get her feet wet.  She tried a sit down strike, but…

IMG_7174 IMG_7175

Diana was stronger, and Emma found herself in water over her head.  Of course, she naturally did the dog paddle for a few seconds.

IMG_7176 IMG_7183

                             As soon as she saw the shore, she was out of there!


                                      “MOM, SHE MADE ME GO IN THE WATER AND I WAS SCARED!!”

We had a fun afternoon chit chatting away on the beach, and Emma and I went for a nice walk so I could look for some shells.  I did get my feet wet, but I’m not one for jumping in the ocean for a swim.  Guess I need to work on that.  The water wasn’t really cold at all.  Maybe next time. 


I’m thinking this is a much nicer place to take Andy and his family for a day at the beach than at Biloxi Bay.  This Laughing Gull must have found something humorous in the waves.  Winking smile

7194-1 7194-2

Last night, I downloaded the new upgrade to Picasa, so when I went to edit my photos tonight there were new editing options available.  I gave one of them a try on this group of brown pelicans that was flying overhead.  Interesting, but I’m not sure how much I’ll use those new options.  I’ll have to play around with them a bit.  It’s back to work tomorrow for me.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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