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One of the reasons I blog

Friday, 21 September 2012

Some time back, I asked fellow bloggers if they ever went back to read their own previous posts.  Many folks said they did, but a few said they never reread what they’ve written.  I’m amongst those that do go back at times to read what I’ve posted.  I had a problem last night that made me glad I can go back to reread old posts.

Along about 10:00 last night, I finally decided to wash up the dirty dishes from the day.  As I turned on the faucet for hot water, there was a small bang, and no water at all came out of the faucet.  I could get plenty of cold water, but not a drop of hot water.  That rang a bell in my head to a similar experience I had in June of 2010.

So, back to the computer I went to check out my posts from then, and sure enough the diagnosis was a blown check valve.  At that time, I had to search half of Idaho to find a new check valve, and when I did I bought two of them just in case.  Well I’m sure glad I did that because today I needed that ‘just in case’ check valve.

IMG_0697  Reviewing what I had documented in 2010, I asked my neighbor, George, to help me put in the new valve.


The hot water heater is located under my entertainment center, and slightly behind one of the kitchen bench seats.  I asked George for help because I knew I wouldn’t have the strength to loosen the old valve.  He had never dealt with this problem before, but because I reviewed that old post, I was able to explain to him what needed to be done.


Of course, nothing ever goes as easily as planned.  When the old valve blew, it also ruined the rubber washer (washer isn’t the right term, but I can’t remember what George called it) at the hook up point. 


That meant the connection to the valve (at the top right) couldn’t be sealed properly, and when we turned the water on, Niagara Falls began.  Sad smile

Well, George  put on his thinking cap and went out to his truck to rummage through his tools and supplies to see if he could come up with a solution.  It always amazes me how many tools and stuff some men carry with them, and of course they know how to use all of them.  Thank goodness!


George dug out his pipe crimping tool, and was able to cobble a brass connection without all the elbows of the plastic contraption that he took out.  The result?  I now have hot water once again, and no zig-zagging connections.  You can come to me for questions about birds, but you’d better ask George about plumbing problems. Winking smile 

I have been so lucky in much of my travels to be surrounded by fellow RVers that freely offer their help and knowledge to solve the problems we all encounter along the way.  Being able to check back on a previous post certainly helped as well, and is one of the reasons I continue to blog.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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