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Dreary days

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The cold front that moved across the country finally made it to the Outer Banks Sunday night.  Both yesterday and today have been very overcast with occasional rain, and the temperatures have been vastly different from last week. 

IMG_0341I’ve seen a couple of bears dashing across the roads, but I’m afraid my opportunities for close up shots have vanished.  I finally did see a doe not too far from the RV pads yesterday.

Since yesterday was Columbus Day, the only people working on the refuge were those volunteers that had been assigned to work the visitors centers.  That wasn’t me for a change, so I got the day off.  Whoopee.  There wasn’t much to do but sit inside and listen to the rain on the roof.

Surprisingly, the banks were open for business yesterday, and I got a call from Wells Fargo that my new (after three attempts) debit card had been delivered to the Manteo branch.  When I went in last week to find out why I hadn’t received the new one yet, they ordered a second one issued to be delivered overnight.  As I picked that card up, I asked them to activate it before I left.  Well, it turned out they couldn’t do that because it had somehow been cancelled.  Say what???  Apparently when the bank manager ordered the new one last week, she also inadvertently cancelled it.  So much for speaking to the head honcho. Baring teeth smile

IMG_0326I had to sit and wait to speak to another banker, who ordered a third card and assured me it would be in by Tuesday of this week, and she would not cancel it.  Can you understand why I was still skeptical when I got that call yesterday?  I hot footed it over there, and finally I have a card that works… for the time being.

Today it was back to work for me with my last rotation of filling the pamphlet boxes.  It was drizzling the whole time, and was so dark and overcast that all the wildlife stayed in hiding.  The gazillion insects even took the day off, so no photo opportunities or bug bites occurred.

I’ve got the next three days off, so I’ll slowly start packing things up for my departure next Tuesday.  I hope it stops raining long enough for me to dry up the outside carpet that covers the area of the rig’s patio.  I’m guessing that will take a couple of days.  I suppose I could check the forecast, but you know how accurate those weather guessers usually are…


                                                                               THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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