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A coming family visit

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I got an email from my daughter, Robyn, in the last couple of days saying she and her family would be driving down to Disneyworld in the early part of March.  Since they would be driving from Indiana, I asked if they were planning to stop to visit me at Okefenokee.  After speaking with her husband, Dennis, she got back to me that they all would be stopping by on March 8-10.


The two grandgirls will be coming with them so I suggested they stay in one of the cabins at Okefenokee Pastimes Campground.  I can’t fit them all in the rig with me, and I have been very pleased staying at this small, very clean, friendly place. 

IMG_1467 (2)

Today I asked to see one of the cabins to determine if it would be suitable.  Kurt helped me case the joint, and pointed out the features for me to photograph.  There are bunk beds for Avery and Phoebe. 


Dennis and Robyn can use this double bed.  (That will be a challenge since they’re used to a king size bed.)  I want to note that Kurt doesn’t use a cane, he was just carrying it along for me so I could get up the stairs.  Who amongst you gear heads can identify the picture on his tee shirt?


He was game for posing until I asked him to model the ‘throne’.  Winking smile  But it didn’t take much to persuade him so I could show the bathroom and kitchenette area.  He’s such a ham!  It’s making my recovery time quite enjoyable to have him around. 

I thought the cabin was perfect for their visit, so told C I was interested in reserving it after I spoke to Robyn.  Within the hour, C came to the rig to report that the reservations were pouring in, and there was only one cabin left for that weekend.  I used Kurt’s cell phone to leave a message for Robyn to get back to me ASAP.  Surprisingly she called within the hour, and I went down to the office to put down a reservation deposit. 

So Robyn, Dennis, Avery, and Phoebe (Buckle) will be staying three nights before they head to Disneyworld.  I’m excited about that.  I plan to send a post card to the girls with lots of alligators on it asking them to come visit me soon.  I’ll be back on the refuge by then, and I know I won’t have any trouble getting those days off for their visit.  Cool Beans!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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