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Pretty boring around here

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My days this week so far haven’t exactly been worth blogging about.  The weather has been chilly, and each day either a nurse comes to change my dressing, or a physical therapist comes to put me through my paces.  Of course, they don’t work the same days.  The therapy has been challenging, but I’ve been religious about keeping up with all exercises that the therapist wants me to do.  I’m moving right along with improvements and hope to move from the walker to a cane by the end of the week.

IMG_1531I’ve been in a state of withdrawal as far as taking pictures is concerned.  The robins running through the campsite are about the only thing that happens when I do get a chance to sit outside.  So that’s it for pictures the last three days.

There were a couple of personally exciting things that happened today.  We got up before the crack of dawn to get to a doctor’s appointment in Waycross, an hour away.  First thing was x-rays of my hip.  Sure enough, I got to see them and admire my bionic parts.  All of the nurses were surprised that I was getting around so well and not in a wheelchair.  Then after waiting a while, I had the 21 staples in my incision removed.  It went a lot easier than I expected.  The home nurse warned me that I had better take a pain killer for that procedure, but it wasn’t necessary.  I did count each one as it clinked into the pan.  Disappointed smile

Then they put on a much smaller dressing without so much of the horrible skin ripping tape.  After that, I got to ask some questions, and halleluiah!  I don’t have to wear those compression socks that go from my toes to my crotch anymore.  They are terrible to put on, and I needed Kurt to put the one on my right leg.  He was as ecstatic as I at this news.  It’s been a real struggle with those things. 

So how boring was this afternoon?  Well, after doing my exercises, I ended up cleaning my six year old remote control device with Q-tips and rubbing alcohol.  Now that is a sad state of affairs in my book.  I’m really chomping at the bit to get back to normal activities.

Several folks have asked for an Emma update.  She is still enjoying her time with the dog lady of Folkston.  She is doing just fine, and enjoying her playtime with some of the boxers.  I’m hoping to be far enough along to have her come back some time early next week.  Right now I can’t take a chance on her causing me to lose my balance and fall down.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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