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I’m at the head of the class! ;)

Monday, 4 February 2013

Twelve days ago, I had an appointment to get the 21 staples taken out of my incision.  As I hobbled along with my walker on that day, the vital signs nurse remarked that I was doing pretty good.  She said most patients are still using a wheel chair for this appointment.

Today it was an appointment with Dr. Brodersen to check on my progress.  I drove myself to Waycross after my PT nurse, Buffy, put me through my paces early this morning.  She thought the doctor might be impressed with my progress.  I wasn’t so sure. 

The same vital signs nurse took note of my use of a cane and remarked, “You’re sure picking up speed!”  You betcha!  I’m on a mission.

My BP was fine, so she took me to a room to await the doctor.  Remarkably, in about 30 seconds he appeared and told me I had to perform… a walk across the room and back for him.  I guess he was impressed as he happily said, “That was wonderful, and deserves a kiss.”  He shook my hand and gave me a peck on the cheek.   First time I’ve ever had a doctor do that.  He also told me that most patients use the walker for six weeks before thinking about using only a cane, so I was at the head of the class.  I told him waiting six weeks was not on my agenda. 

He then answered any questions I had about restrictions, and wrote me a note to return to four days a week of volunteering after two weeks of half days.  I’ll see him one more time in two months, and then I’m free to move on.  Yippee!  I do have some bending restrictions until July, but I can live with those.  I’m so pleased to be walking without all of that pain.  Things continue to noticeably improve each day.


In celebration, Emma and I took Swamp Island Drive this afternoon to see what we could see.  Not much was out and about at that time of the day, and the skies had become overcast.


I was surprised to find even one ‘gator near the side of the road.  Most of them were in hiding because of the cool temperatures.  I stopped at the VC to make a copy of a medical record, and ran into Gracie, the volunteer coordinator.  As we chatted, she told me to remind her a week before Robyn and family comes to visit so she can arrange a swamp boat trip for us. 

That means we’ll all get an extraordinary trip into the swamp similar to the two trips I’ve made for the Christmas Bird Count and the trail maintenance trip.  I’m excited about that for all of us. Open-mouthed smile  By March, there should be plenty of alligators for the grandgirls to see!


                                                                           Near ‘THE END’!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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