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The VC and Emma has a little problem

Monday, 11 February 2013

The way the schedule worked out, I was on duty five days in a row.  I’m thinking that was a little much for me, as I fairly collapsed when I got back to the rig last night.  Three of those days I worked in the VC, and that is very hard on aging lower limbs.

71 Okefenokee NWR 2012-1339

It came to me that I haven’t posted any pictures of the Visitors Center, so that’s what you’ll get tonight.  It’s a nice place, but the slate floor is hard on volunteers.

71 Okefenokee NWR 2012-1340

Besides the displays, there is a small nature store that is run by the Okefenokee Wildlife League (OWL), which is the local friends group for the refuge.  I’ve worked better book stores than this at other refuges.  In my humble opinion, the selections offered for sale here lack appeal to the visiting public.  If I were running it, I’d do it a lot differently, but then I’m just a volunteer and will be moving on in a couple of months.

71 Okefenokee NWR 2012-1338There are some nice displays, and an auditorium where we show the award winning video about the Okefenokee Swamp.  However, being an outside person I’m not too thrilled that the new scheduler has me working here just about everyday next week.  I’ll be talking to her about that on Thursday.

Most of the folks in the volunteer village gathered around a campfire last night, but I just wasn’t up for it.  On my day off today, I did the laundry and took Emma for a good walk for a change, and did meet with the others for the campfire tonight.

Just before we gathered, I fed Emma and she did her business.  As I hopped up to clean up after her, I was shocked to find some worms in her deposit.  Ugh!  She must have contracted worms at her stay at the kennel when I had my surgery.  Kathy, the intern, told me she would pick up some meds for Emma when she goes to her vet tomorrow.  I’m not happy about this development.  Yuck!

With my surgery, I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting so often.  My life of recuperation also hasn’t been very exciting.  It has been pretty boring for the last month or so.  I’m hoping things perk up as I’m more able to ambulate around.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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