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Route planning has begun

Monday, 1 April 2013

Once I got the positive news that I would be spending the summer at Tamarac NWR in NW Minnesota, I got out my road atlas to begin pouring over my route to get there.  I have to begin by getting down to I-10 for a trip to Scott, LA, to visit my most trusted RV repair place, Billy Thibodeaux’s Premiere RV.  Long time readers may remember that this is where I had my MCD shades and the residential refrigerator (twice) installed. 

IMG_1860 IMG_1864

Wildflowers blooming this week on the refuge will be the pics for tonight; like this candyroot.

At about 675 miles to Scott, which is longer than I thought it would be, it will take me three days to get there.  Once there, I’ll have routine maintenance, new tires, and some more MCD shades installed.  With the list I have of things to get done, it will more than take care of my nice tax refund this year.

IMG_2374 IMG_2370

                                        The first hooded pitcher plant bloom of the season.

Thibodeaux’s has full hookups for me, so I’ll be revisiting some places I’ve been before in the area to enjoy a shrimp po’boy or two.  Winking smile  I may even make a return trip to Avery Island and the Tabasco factory since the last time I was there I was contracting the Louisiana crud, and had a raging fever.  I’m hoping the work only takes a little over a week to accomplish.  The MCD shades are what will take time to measure out, order, and receive delivery on for installation.

IMG_2376 IMG_2378

Once everything is done, I’ll head north to Fargo, ND.  I’ve taken I-35 and I-55 north before, so I want to take a different route this time.  Since driving the rig is the thing about this lifestyle that I find least appealing, I tend to rely on interstates.  Many others prefer two lane roads, but interstates work for me when I need to get somewhere on a deadline. 

So now I have a question for any of you travelers.  Has anyone taken US 71 from Texarkana to Fort Smith, Arkansas?  It’s the most direct route to get me to I-29, but is a two lane highway that I’ve never driven before.  I’m hoping someone can give me some input as to whether this is a good choice or not.

With only two weeks to the day to go before my departure, my mind is working away on a schedule of getting packed up and ready.  My stomach is also doing the usual flip flops now and then…


                                                                                THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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