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A gift from new friends

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Even though it was still drizzling out this morning, the intrepid kindergarten teachers of Roosevelt Elementary brought all of their charges to the refuge for one last field trip before school lets out for the summer on Friday.  It was cold and wet, but three full busloads of little people burst forth eager to enjoy the morning’s activities.  I sure could use some of their youthful energy.  I helped out with two camouflage hikes, and then reported back to the picnic area to help get their lunch ready.  The refuge manager, Neil, was grilling hotdogs for everyone.  My job was to get the dogs into the buns as the 120 or so students and teachers arrived to eat. 

What a busy morning.  I was pooped already, but still had a half day of work to go. 

IMG_8697After lunch, the skies finally cleared and the sun came out for the first time in five days.  Janice, the volunteer coordinator, asked me to spend the afternoon refilling several kiosks around the refuge with information folders.


                                                 Common Loon – haunting voice of the far north.

I readily agreed to that, and suggested I also pick up trash along my journey.  That took a lot of time to do.


                                                   Hooded Mergansers – they nest on the refuge.

I have mixed emotions about picking up trash.  I enjoy the time spent outside as I’m doing it, but sure don’t understand why people think it is Okay to throw their garbage out the window on a wildlife refuge.  Beer cans and bottles, pop cans, water bottles, and their trash from McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Could it be that hard to take that stuff home and put it in their garbage can?  It really ticks me off how people thoughtlessly desecrate our wild areas.


While walking along the refuge roads with my litter picker and big black plastic garbage bag,  I found these delicate little blooms peeking out of the road shoulder.  There were lots of white ones, and also some that were blue.  Little birds were singing all along the way as well, so perhaps you can understand why I don’t mind litter clean up.

As for the gift from new friends?  Just before the kids arrived for the tree planting yesterday, I was talking with other local volunteers about the challenge of getting the ticks off of my body each night.  Since they live here fulltime, they understood.  This morning, one of the same volunteer couples arrived and said they had a mirror for me.  What?  I didn’t know what they were talking about.  Seems they were talking to each other last night about my dilemma and decided a large round mirror would help me out.


So, they brought me one this morning to borrow for my time here.  It’s about 14” in diameter.  It’s hard to see if there are any of those little buggers on your back or other places if you live alone.  I thought that was very thoughtful of them to think of me.  Sorry to say, I spoke before thinking, and said to the husband that this would be perfect if I put it on the floor, straddled it buck naked, and viewed those nether parts of my body that would require me to be a contortionist to see.  Surprised smile  To say he was a little flustered with my remark would be an understatement.  Oh well, I guess he’ll remember who I am for this summer…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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