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Sitting out the latest storm

Thursday, 2 May 2013

My plan today was to move a little further down the road towards Minnesota.  The skies didn’t look too promising when I got up, so I checked the radar.  It looked like I’d be fine to make it to my next destination in the morning and early afternoon.  So, I gave the Aux Arc COE Park (from the French pronunciation for Ozark) a call to see if I could arrive before their published 4:00 check in time.  They said to come on in since site B-15 was open. 

I packed up, stopped at the dump station, and headed out.  So much for watching the radar!  Within a half hour of getting on the road the rains began.  It wasn’t a terrible downpour, but I was happy I had new wiper blades installed at Thibodeaux’s when I was there.  Things went well for about 30 seconds, then the blade on the passenger’s side fell off and slid down the wiper arm.  EEK!  I was afraid the blade would go flying off into the beyond if I turned the wipers on.  The rain increased in intensity, and I had no choice but to turn them on.  Luckily, the blade didn’t fly off, but I stopped at the nearest rest area to try to fix it.  I was not successful.  I couldn’t get the blasted blade to stay on for more than a few swipes.  Grrr. 

I decided to bring the blade into the rig, and drive with only one wiper.  I tried to turn them on as little as possible as the arm kind of screeched across the window with each swipe.  Disappointed smile  If it stops raining tomorrow, I’ll give it another try and check to see if there was any damage to the window.


I’ll be here on the Arkansas River until Monday.  I’m hoping the cold weather, rain, and possible snow will be gone by then. 

Yesterday afternoon, before I left Maumelle COE Park, I had two visitors stop by the rig.  The first one was a surprise, and unexpected.


I’m sure a number of you read Janna’s blog.  Well, this is her sister Anne.  Anne works in Little Rock, reads my blog, and decided to stop by to say hello after work.  What a pleasant surprise that was.  I could see the family resemblance.


Then a little later fellow blogger Carolyn (amigoingsomeplace) arrived to spend a couple of hours getting to know each other.  I really had no idea she lived in Little Rock.  When I read her blog, she’s always been on the road in her car.  I have to tell you that she could be a member of the Chamber of Commerce for Little Rock, and Arkansas in general.  What an ambassador for the state she is!

Seeing as I have a site directly on the banks of the Arkansas River this time, I’ll have to see what kind of traffic goes past tomorrow.  The forecast is not good, but maybe the rain will let up enough for a little outside time.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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