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When was the last time you saw a Crap Duster?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Well, today was my chance to visit some different sights that I found on Roadside America in and around Carthage, MO.  I decided to go to the most distant one first.  It was listed as a George Washington Carver Talking Bust.

_MG_2066It turned out to be located in a National Monument.  Initially, I had no idea I was so close to a National Park Service site.  That’s always a plus in my estimation, and of course, another stamp in my passport book.  I have to admit that I didn’t remember too much about George W. Carver, so this was a very good learning experience for me.

72 On the way to Tamarac NWR, MN 20134

Born a slave during the Civil War, Carver went on to become famous for his teaching abilities at Tuskegee University, and his scientific work resulting in over 300 uses for peanuts.  I won’t go into all the details about his inspirational life.  Suffice it to say, if you are ever in the Joplin, MO, area, a trip to this Monument will be well worth your time.

Next up on my agenda was a city park in Carthage.  There were several busses of elementary students on a field trip while I was at the Monument, and that also held true for my visit to the park.  Kids everywhere!

72 On the way to Tamarac NWR, MN 20133

I had stopped at the park to see the bronze statue of Marlin Perkins.  I remember the Mutual of Omaha program, Wild Kingdom, so well that he hosted that I couldn’t pass up this chance.  Marlin was born in Carthage, so he is a favorite son of the city. 

I was lucky to get a shot of the statue in the midst of all the kids moving from station to station, but a man in a raccoon cap and deerskins kept them away long enough for me to take a picture or two.  Seems today was ‘Famous American Day’ for this school district.  Besides Johnny Appleseed, with the coonskin cap, I also recognized Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman giving talks to the hordes of what I’m guessing were fifth graders. Winking smile


Then it was on to more trivial pursuits in Carthage.  I got a kick out of this elevated ‘Tire Changing Woman’ display for a tire shop downtown.  Yep, “It ain’t no wonder his wives left him”!

Last, but not least, on my iconic Carthage list was the Crap Duster.  If you’ve been around many farmland areas, you know what a crop duster is, but a Crap Duster?

_MG_2084 _MG_2085

Here it is.  A flying manure spreader!  By the colors, I’m wondering if it’s a John Deere Aerial Fertilizer Depositor?  Sure wouldn’t want to be under it as it dropped its load…

I had an enjoyable time today thanks to Roadside America.  My next stop will be an overnighter just north of Kansas City.  Hope the weather holds.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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