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I need some ideas

Friday, 14 June 2013

Tonight’s post is kind of a mixed bag of topics.  Yesterday morning I was assigned to shadow local volunteer John as he gave the weekly refuge history tour.  Since I was the only one that showed up for the tour, he skipped some places I’d already been to, but covered the interesting history of the refuge and took me to places I hadn’t yet been to or known about.  I’ll be telling you about some of that history in later posts when I can include pictures.


It was obvious to me right away that John is not interested in photography.  He is a wealth of history knowledge, but he was most interested in getting this training session for me over with a.s.a.p..  I could understand that.  I will likely be giving this tour on several Thursdays throughout the summer.  I was lucky to get this shot of a barn swallow nest at one of the water structures.  Like tree swallows, this barn swallow lined the nest with white feathers.  Can you see the one egg that is visible?  It’s white with brown spots.

When I got back to headquarters, there were two packages waiting for me.  Wow!  Almost like Christmas.  The first one came from fellow blogger Merikay


She and her husband, Craig, are getting their house ready for sale in California so they can go fulltime.  A while back, she posted about making a mosquito catching contraption with two liter pop bottles.  I thought it was very interesting considering I haven’t found a National Wildlife Refuge yet where I haven’t been plagued with those nasty little biters.  Even though neither Merikay or I drink pop, she was able to get six empties and converted them into  mosquito traps.  She sent three of them to me to test out since she doesn’t have a mosquito problem in California.

IMG_8899 IMG_8900

But Wait!  That’s not all!  (sounds like one of those info-mercials, doesn’t it?  Laughing out loud)  Merikay also sent me a hand made snot rag holder.  Is this called needle point?  I can’t remember.  You can tell I’m not into crafty stuff that involves threads of any kind.  Anyway, it is just gorgeous, and I love the four hummingbird designs.  The colors go well with my rig, and it now has a treasured spot next to the chair I sit in to watch chick flics.  (very handy if you’re watching a real tear jerker)  It’s right next to my hand crocheted doily from Loree.  Aren’t fellow RV bloggers just the greatest?  Thank you so much Merikay, you are so thoughtful to take care of my running nose and hopefully eliminate my itchy welts.

IMG_8902 IMG_8904

The second package I received was a Oxygenics PowerMassage shower head.  I decided to order one of these since I’d heard they increase the force of the shower spray.  I have never been impressed with my current shower head in the rig.  I figured this was something I could switch out myself.  Huh!  Except for one thing.  That part on the left holds the sprayer head and connects to the water line in the shower.  On the right, you can see where my water line enters the shower… midway down the stall in between the hot and cold water thingies.  No way to screw that part in there, and besides, that would mean I’d have to sit on the floor of the shower to be underneath the shower head.  What’s a girl to do?


The only thing I could think of was to eliminate that part, screw the flexible hose into the water source, and hang the shower head up top using one of those zip ties.  Seemed like a winner to me until I turned on the water for my evening shower.  It did a marvelous job of finally giving me a fantastic blast of water, but it shot straight out over my head!  No way I could get it to shoot down on me because of the great water pressure.  So, that’s why I need your ideas on how to fix this.  That hook on the top is where the old shower head hooked in and pointed downward.  Help!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


                                                                              THE END!!

This wolf scat is the only part of a wolf I’ve seen since I’ve been here.  Sure looks like they’re doing a good job of keeping the deer herd healthy.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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