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A honey crisp afternoon

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The weather guessers got it right for today.  The winds were once again whipping around in the 25-30 mph range.  I decided not to move on.  Instead, I unhitched the toad and took a drive over to the Missouri River Basin Lewis & Clark Center.


Did you notice that National Park Service arrowhead on the entrance statue?  Ha!  It turns out that the only thing that has to do with our National Parks is that statue!  The Center is run by a local non-profit group that has nothing to do with the National Park Service.  I thought that was a little misleading.

74 On the way to Bayou Cocodrie 20131So, the old farts pass didn’t do me any good here.  The center is interesting, and I enjoyed my time viewing the 30 minute movie and the exhibits.  The cost for seniors is $4.50 for those that are interested.  There were quite a few activities for kids to enjoy, but nothing inside inspired me enough to take any photos.  I’ve been to quite a few Lewis & Clark exhibits in my travels, and I would rate this one as mediocre in comparison.  I think the movie was the best thing, and it certainly refreshed my memory about the Corps of Discovery Expedition. 


The second best part of this visit was the view of the Missouri River outside the back of the center.  I took the trail down to the ‘unobstructed view’ of the United States’ longest river, but found that view much less inviting than this view.  It was closer to the river, but the whole foreground was railroad tracks.  Not very scenic in my estimation. 

I had also hoped to visit the Mayhew cabin today.  It was an historical cabin for its role as a stopping place in the underground railroad back in the days before the Civil War, but alas, it was not open on Tuesdays.  Sad smile  I guess I’ll have to save that for next spring.

Instead, I headed for a couple of orchards.  Did you know that Nebraska City is the place where Arbor Day began?  Well it is, and I wanted to taste some of the fruit of all those trees.  I ended up with a half a peck of Honey Crisp apples, and a small jug of Cherry Jubilee from the orchards of Arbor Day Farm.  Honey crisps are one of my favorite apples, and I’m going to try out some of that cherry jubilee tomorrow morning with my breakfast.  I would have bought one of their fresh apple pies, but they were just too big.  I wish I could have bought just a slice.

I also stopped off in town to get my annual flu shot at Walgreens.  The pharmacist recommended that I get the super-dose for folks over 65, so I did.  It’s covered by Medicare, so I didn’t need to produce any cash.  Next on my agenda will be getting the shingles shot.  Have any of you done that?

The winds are supposed to drop overnight, so I plan on leaving here tomorrow.  I’ll be going through Kansas City, and heading east towards St. Louis.  I have two possible stopping places picked out along the way depending on how it goes.  One is 200 miles, and the other is 270 miles.  If I did the 200 miles, then I’d see if I could stop at Sam and Donna’s the next night.  If I did the 270 miles, Sikeston MO would be within shot for Thursday night.  Decisions, decisions…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy 

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