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A new battlefront

Saturday, 5 October 2013

When I turned on the news this evening, there was a hint by the broadcaster about the furlough of federal employees.  I thought perhaps it meant that they would be coming back to work, but it turned out to be about retroactive pay.  I’d have to say that the pay business was expected by the staff here.  Not the news I was hoping for.

The miserable weather continues, so yesterday I headed to Fargo to run some errands.  One of my readers suggested I’d feel better if I stopped to get some of those chocolate covered potato chips, so what could I do but comply?  And yes, I timed the trip so I could enjoy a strawberry malt from the malt shop.  I don’t think a malt every three or four weeks is too much of an indulgence.  I don’t care for maraschino cherries, so I asked them to leave my cherry off, and give me an extra scoop of malt instead.  They were happy to accommodate.


In between rain showers and doing laundry up at the bunkhouse today, I took a little drive around the compound to see what fall colors I could enjoy.  There’s not much of anywhere else I can go on the refuge until the shutdown is over with.


With all the rain has come colder temperatures.  Some of you may know what that means for someone living out in the boonies in an RV.  Since my rig is the best source of heat in the immediate area, the little mice are trying an invasion.  I’m working on my battle lines, and so far today have trapped three of the little buggers.  I’ve got my peanut butter ready, and my favorite trap that Janna sent me a couple of years ago.  I have to take a little break from writing to empty it of it’s latest victim…

It takes a village to raise a child

Do you remember this pic that I had in my last post about the mushrooms?  Well a reader took that photo, doctored it up a bit, and sent it in an email to me yesterday.

owlshrooms copy

What a hoot!  It sure picked up my spirits.  This reader wishes to remain anonymous, but I want to thank him/her for the chuckle it gave me.

IMG_0372 IMG_0373

These are those same mushrooms two days later.  Eventually, they will get much taller and turn black.  That blackness will coat the surrounding grass like someone used a spray can of paint on it.

The rain is supposed to stop tomorrow, and I hope it does.  All that’s on my agenda is cleaning the inside of the rig, and going to get more ice.  Ho hum.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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