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Another little bump in the road?

Friday, 11 October 2013

What a day!  I sat by my phone waiting for the repairman to arrive today.  Finally about 2:00, he showed up to replace the compressor.  It was quite a job, and took close to two hours.  He had to use a torch to remove the compressor and attach the copper tubing to the new compressor.  The smoke from that set off the smoke alarm so I had to get a stool to get that thing turned off and get the Fantastic Fan going to get the smoke out of the rig. 

After the new one was installed, I plugged it in and it began cooling.  Yahoo!  As he went to replace the little plastic fan that runs to keep the compressor cool, I noticed that one of the fins on the fan was misshapen.  I asked if it would work in that condition.  He said probably not, and proceeded to order a new one for me.  Personally, I think he was covering his a$$ about it.  Since I knew that fan was working just fine before he began working on the fridge, my guess is that he should have removed it before using his torch.  I think the torch melted one of the fins and it twisted beyond hope. 

When he told me the first date available for them to put the new blades in was October 25, I said, “Forget it!  Show me how to do it.  I can’t wait here that long.”  So now I wait for a new fan.  I’m hoping it arrives on Monday.  I talked to the UPS man this afternoon about Monday, since it is Columbus Day and not even the refuge manager will be here.  Uf-dah!  He offered to call me on Monday one way or the other.  If it arrives, I’ll meet him at the gate to get it.  Then on Tuesday, the refuge manager and LE guy will work to reinstall the fridge where it belongs.  Another little bump along the way.  In the meantime, the fridge remains in the middle of my floor.  I didn’t want the guys to try to install it today only to maybe have to take it out again next week. 

While I was talking to the UPS guy, he mentioned that he had delivered another compressor to me today.  What?  Seems the first repairman ordered two, and the second one arrived today.  What the heck am I supposed to do with that?  Unless I hear from Samsung, I think I’ll keep it just in case.  Too bad it’s so heavy.

When I started writing this post there was a tornado watch posted for the area, and several warnings not too far away.  The wind is whipping around, and there is off and on again rain.  I’m keeping my ear pealed to the TV.  If need be, Emma and I will make our way to the basement of the temporary office building.  I hope that isn’t necessary. 

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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