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The wind is howling, so I must be in South Dakota

Friday, 18 October 2013

This morning dawned crisp and cold.  Cold enough that I could have used a scraper to clean off the car windows.  It was 10:30 before I could finally pull out of the refuge and hit the road.  I’d like to thank Larry, of the maintenance staff, for helping me get my bicycle up onto the holder on the back of the toad, and for checking the air pressure on the rig’s tires.  After sitting for five months, they needed some air.  I can do four of the six tires, but two of them just need more finesse than I have.

Thankfully, it was an uneventful drive to Summit, SD.  Summit is a small town along I-29, but it has a nice flat campground with pull through sites.


I stayed here a couple of nights this spring during a two day wind storm.  It’s a Passport America camp during the week, but since everything is shut down except for the electricity this late in October, it’s $20/night.  Paying for a site at this time is on your honor, and the bathrooms and laundry are of course closed.  I’m just happy to find a stop with electricity. 


As you can see, I’m the only rig here.  Since it was 43* when I arrived, I thought my heat pump could warm things up a bit inside, but I was wrong.  With the cold wind, I’m having to run the heat straight off of the propane tank.  I’ll be looking for a campground that sells propane before long.

I’m hoping the winds die down enough tomorrow morning so I can drive the 150 miles to my next stop.  Shortly after I plugged in this afternoon, a storm cloud passed and dropped some hail on the rig.  Possible snow flurries are in the forecast.  I’ve also noticed that local fire hydrants now have those tall red sticks attached to them so they can be found in the snow.  It’s definitely time to be way south of here!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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