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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

When I’m at one of my volunteer assignments, I leave the gray tank valve open and the black tank valve closed since I have full hook ups.  Every ten days or so, I close the gray tank before dumping the black tank.  After dumping, I close the black tank valve and open the gray tank valve.  This has worked well for me for well over seven years. 


                                                                        Great Blue Heron

As usual I dumped last week when I knew that black tank was filling up.  Fast forward to last night.  As I get ready for bed, I gather my dirty clothes from the day and put them in a cloth laundry bag I keep in the shower stall.  As I stood there naked and opening the door to the shower, I found the bag soaking wet and standing water in the shower.  Oops!  It seems I forgot to reopen the gray tank valve.  I’m sure glad it didn’t overflow onto the floor.

So, I tossed on my PJ’s, grabbed a flashlight, and ran outside at 11:00 at night to dump the tank.  First time I’ve made that mistake.  I came back in, rang out the bag and the clothes and started the washer so all that stuff wouldn’t get musty and moldy.  It wasn’t so bad as I often start the Splendide washer at night.  When it gets to the spin cycle, it shakes the whole rig and rocks me right to sleep.  Eye rolling smile


                                                                             Great Egret

We had a staff safety meeting and then a volunteer meeting this morning.  I am once again not on the VIS or VC schedule for the month.  Instead, Stephanie had some other assignments in mind for me.  I think by next week the bird surveys will begin, I’ll be working the hunter check station on weekends, and will also be doing some propagating of seeds in addition to writing the section for the 50th anniversary book.  Along with those chores there are a couple of other one day things to do.  Guess December is going to be pretty busy for me.


                                                               Juvenile Common Moorhen

After the meetings, I managed to get all my hairs cut and an oil change for the car.  It was a nice warm day with temps nearing 80, but there was a very stiff wind out of the south.  Apparently I had parked my bike too close to the DISH satellite, and the gusting winds crashed it into the dish.  Second oops.  Sad smile  When I came in after sunset, there was no signal.  So out I went again in the dark to find a signal.  Things like this seem to come in threes, so now I’m wondering what’s next?


                                                                                THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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