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Thursday, 5 December 2013

As I turned on the news this evening, the announcement that Nelson Mandela had passed was at the head of the newscast.  It is a sad day for the entire world.  What a giant he was in the history of man.  As I took a moment to remember his accomplishments, fortitude, and struggles Peter, Paul, and Mary’s rendition of “No Easy Walk to Freedom” kept playing in my head.  We have all lost a most inspirational icon.


                                                                               Snow Goose

Back on the home front, the big news is the incoming cold front.  It’s sweeping across the country, and the gulf coast will not be immune to it.  While the cold temperatures here can’t compare to the ice and snow and blizzards of those further north, my main worry is my extend-a-stay propane tank.  It’s registering at 1/4 of a tank right now, and I have to work tomorrow.  The refuge pays for propane refills, and I checked to see if the propane place is open on Saturday, but no staff is around on weekends to approve the purchase.  It’s a minor trouble really, as I can switch to the on board tank or pay for the refill myself.


                                                                                Pintail City

On my way back to the rig yesterday after work, I came upon a huge gathering of Northern Pintails in a flooded rice field.  These ducks mainly feed on seeds. 


Dabbling ducks like Northern Pintails can erupt straight up from the water without having to run along the water first to gain speed.  The coming cold front is really driving lots of waterfowl down here. 

I finally ran out of my favorite sponge candy that I got in Fargo, ND, in September.  I decided to Google sponge candy.  Several readers have provided me with recipes, but I’m not sure I want to try that in the rig.  It turned out the Vermont Country Store has sponge candy that isn’t coated in chocolate.  While I like dark chocolate, I really prefer my sponge candy without it.  I’ve ordered a couple of bags, so I hope it’s as good as I remember from when I was young.  I’ll be stalking my mailbox until it gets here next week.  Winking smile


Two of my bird feeders have been set up outside for the last week.  Today I finally had some action.  A small flock of chipping sparrows stopped by.  I hope they tell their friends.  I think I also saw a cardinal skulking around outside the fence.  This compound isn’t the best habitat for birds because of all the cement, but I’m trying to be optimistic about it.  That’s about it for tonight.  I’m battening down the hatches tonight as the temps have dropped well over 20* in very short order.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy

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